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For All Other Femslash Fandoms Not Watching Carmilla: Why the Hell Not


So to all the clone clubbers, lost girl fans, swan queen, bubbline, kigo, and any other fandom seeing this on your dashboard (or want to)

This is Carmilla:


So you may be thinking great, another queer-baiting show, except get this.
Almost every character is queer AND female. No baiting,…

This is literally my new favorite thing and everyone needs to watch it right now!!!

So, couple questions that may or may not have anything to do with a novel that I am writing for anyone out there who is a gay man and/or a male sexual assault survivor:

1) Is there anything that you do to try and “prevent” yourself from being raped (carry pepper spray, knives, take self defense classes, etc.)?

2) If you are a male rape survivor, was there anything that was said to/at you that put the blame on you for your own attack? And if so, what was it?

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