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So, couple questions that may or may not have anything to do with a novel that I am writing for anyone out there who is a gay man and/or a male sexual assault survivor:

1) Is there anything that you do to try and “prevent” yourself from being raped (carry pepper spray, knives, take self defense classes, etc.)?

2) If you are a male rape survivor, was there anything that was said to/at you that put the blame on you for your own attack? And if so, what was it?

Welcome to Night Vale in ASL




This is awesome! I don’t know ASL, but the fact that it exists.. and in cosplay is super amazing and super adorable.


Oh this wins the universe!

I’m betting that the whole Blaine/Karofsky romance thing (if it is even actually going to be a “thing”) is just going to be a dream sequence or something because, HAVING THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE BE DATING THE MAN WHO BULLIED HIM UNTIL HE HAD TO TRANSFER SCHOOLS AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HIM IN A GYM LOCKER ROOM WHEN HE WAS 15/16 SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING RIGHT OUT OF KURT’S NIGHTMARES, AMIRITE?!

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