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I’m betting that the whole Blaine/Karofsky romance thing (if it is even actually going to be a “thing”) is just going to be a dream sequence or something because, HAVING THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE BE DATING THE MAN WHO BULLIED HIM UNTIL HE HAD TO TRANSFER SCHOOLS AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HIM IN A GYM LOCKER ROOM WHEN HE WAS 15/16 SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING RIGHT OUT OF KURT’S NIGHTMARES, AMIRITE?!


Imagine Harry and Ginny a few months into their marriage and they’re so happy and in love and then one day they go shopping for food and household items and Harry just casually grabs certain items before Ginny hisses at him to "Check the prices, Harry, God! That bed set is far…


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The Risks of LGBT+ Homelessness

There are approximately nine million LGBT people in the United States, and 40% of the homeless youth are LGBT. The LGBT homeless population experience greater rates of sexual assault, victimization and mental illness, and for specifically trans people, the statistics can get a lot worse. In a lot of places in the United States, trans people are required to to room with people of their assigned birth gender, meaning that trans women are required to room with men which often greatly increases their risk of experiencing verbal, physical and sexual assault.

A study by Lambda Legal done on the risks that LGBT youth faced showed that they had significantly high rates of suicide attempts, experiencing bullying at school (and dropping out of school due to said bullying), as well as experiencing violence and harassment from family members due to their orientation, all these issues increase their chances of becoming homeless.

A lot of LGBT people are forced to live in really dangerous situations when homeless since they don’t feel comfortable going to shelters. A majority of the time LGBT people’s orientations are not respected in shelters (over 55% of transgender adults have been harassed by shelter staff) and those who do end up going to shelters as a last resort are turned away due to the shelter not knowing how to handle their needs. In several parts of the US there is not much education going around on how to make homeless shelters LGBT friendly, and there is very little training in shelters on how to handle the needs of LGBT homeless people.

In other parts of the world, being LGBT and homeless can be a death sentence. In countries where it is illegal to be LGBT, going to a shelter can often get you reported to the police, not to mention there is close to no protection or rights for an LGBT homeless person if they were raped or sexually assaulted, since in some countries, women and LGBT people who report their rape are often arrested on the spot and charged with prostitution.

Because of job discrimination, high susceptibility to mental illnesses and high rates of poverty in the LGBT community, the risk of homelessness for LGBT people is a very real and severe risk. The most important place to start with changing this is education, shelters need to be educated on how to provide safe housing for LGBT people, and the general population needs to be educated on LGBT issues to prevent the reasons that cause LGBT homelessness in the first place such as job discrimination and harassment that leads to mental illness.

For a lot of LGBT people, homelessness is something they will inevitably experience, and the rate of homelessness is not going to drop to 0% overnight, so the least that can happen is to ensure that all homeless people are equally treated with respect, dignity and provided with a safe space.



I think the poor treatment of these black and brown characters is worth discussing. Considering that 6 out of 13 are directly connected to Frost (either they’re his love interest or his family) and have absolutely no story of their own. They used the…

Huh. I did not know that. Look at me being terrible at doing research. Good to know.


I think the poor treatment of these black and brown characters is worth discussing. Considering that 6 out of 13 are directly connected to Frost (either they’re his love interest or his family) and have absolutely no story of their own. They used the same exact premise for all of his girlfriends. They all chose their jobs over him. Martinez (especially since Casey was away) and Dennis served no use but as beards and then Dennis turned out to be a serial killer. Susie and Nina are only around when they are needed to do something. Frost’s mom’s only purpose was for TNT to say “look we accept lesbians ooh look it’s a black lesbian too” and her girlfriend was just proof of that. The two streetkids were seen more suspicious when Angie’s money went missing because they weren’t as smart as the girl in their ensemble so they weren’t supposed to receive as much sympathy from the audience. Rondo (though he hasn’t made an appearance in s5) has always been around to feed Jane’s ego, mooch off of her and her mom, and tell Jane what she needed to know about a victim that lived on the streets. Nina is obviously there to fill a quota and do Frost’s job. She otherwise has no backstory. Being black is her only chance not to disappear like Riley because if she goes, the show won’t have an active black cast member that appears in more than two episodes per season. As you can see, I used characters that were only around for one episode and weren’t really all that important. Think about why I had to do that. 

Well, Dennis is white, so he has no purpose being in this, but the rest of it is spot on!

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So, my ex-girlfriend who I haven’t spoken to in about two years, who I was deeply, deeply in love with and who ripped out my heart, tore in up into tiny little pieces and scattered them across the universe like ashes, just facebook messaged me. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this. I have been staring at my screen for about an hour just going “what the actual fuck?” Seriously, though, guys, what the actual fuck?

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